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Chipping Hammer with Chisel Retention
Teryair Chipping Hammers are durable tools that willl give long service with minimum maintainance. These toola are designed to be easy to maintain thereby keeping downtime to a minimum. Used for chippin & fettling metal in forging, casting and fabrication industries. These Chipping Hammers feature secure retainers to ensure no accidental ejection of chisels.
Product Specification in Details
Net Weight 7.33Kgs 6.40Kgs 9Kgs
Overall Length 427mm 365mm 387mm
Frequency 2050bpm 3200bpm 2100bpm
Air Consumption 35 cfm 35cfm 35cfm
Piston Diameter 29mm 30mm 29mm
Piston Stroke 76mm 70mm 76mm
Hose Inlet Bore 12.7mm 12.7mm 12.7mm
Air Inlet Pressure 90psig 90psig 90psig
Shank 0.580" Hex 0.580" Hex 0.580" Hex
Air Inlet 3/8" NPT 3/8" NPT 3/8" NPT
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