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Teryair has been manufacturing chisels& hammers since 1976.Teryair relies on a robust, certified Quality management system-ISO 9001:2008 to ensure that the product quality is being continually monitored and improved upon.Teryair fully leverages the very competitive manufacturing environment in India to create quality product that meet every customer expectation, including quality and price. These aspects coupled with our state-of-the-art manufacturing set-up explain the high level of customer satisfaction in over thirty countries worldwide. Apart from sales through a global network of distributors Teryair also manufactures and supplies OE equipment to select manufactures.Teryair product pricing, quality and timely delivery give the aggressive advantage that is needed in today’s competitive environment!

Teryair manufactures a wide range of chisels for hydraulic, pneumatic and electric tools under the Editool brand name. At Teryair, we focus on producing top quality products with decades of experience and a continuous interaction with clients on sites, our manufacturing process and factory has evolved into one of the finest and most efficient production centres in India.
At Teryair, the steel has been particularly developed to our standards by working closely with reputed alloy steel manufacturers. Once we receive the steel, it goes through our rigorous quality tests before the operations of cutting, forging, machinery, heat treatment and surface treatment are carried out in our in-house, state of the art machines and procedures. Finally, after another round of quality assurance-the chisels are packed and dispatched. We can handle large and small orders efficiently and cost effectively to any destination world wide.
Vision & Mission
Buyers worldwide stock and have Teryair products as and important part of their supply operations. Our loyal customers, who have been with us for the past ten years in Germany, Holland, USA, Canada, Singapore and China along with other ports, speak for the advantages being associated with Teryair products.
Teryair's hassle free tool are priced competitively thereby enabling you to grow your business in today's intensely competitive environment.We welcome you to get in touch with us in today.
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